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knife block A knife block is used for space-saving storage of knives to keep them safe, secure and clearly organised. And without compromising their quality. After all, improper storage of cutting tools is the most common cause of poor cutting quality.
There are blocks with predetermined slots, but also with magnetic surfaces. Blades of different sizes can be attached to these blocks, which are usually made of wood, because either magnetic strips or point magnets have been incorporated. However, ceramic knives cannot be accommodated on these because they are not magnetic. A brush insert inside the block also allows flexibility, as the blades can be inserted as desired. The advantage of this design is that the block does not have to be tilted forwards so that the blades inside can simply be pulled out from above. And it can also accommodate ceramic blades. For cleaning, the insert is removed from the block, rinsed with water and reinserted. Should it become worn at some point, it can be replaced with a new one.
The materials available are various types of natural or varnished wood, plastic, concrete, glass or metal. A mix of wood, plastic or glass with metal is also possible. Cleaning them is very easy, as a slightly damp cloth is sufficient. Metal and glass attract grease, dust and unsightly fingerprints. This is the price you pay for a modern design.
The range includes pre-equipped blocks with a more or less extensive range of chef's knives, sharpening steel, scissors, steak knives or the alternative of an empty block. Such a block can be equipped with the tools you have already collected, but also allows you to make your own individual selection.  
The costs vary depending on the quality of the knives, as well as the design and material of the block. Added to this is the design of the knife holder. Classic or modern. In any case, upright storage of a knife block saves space.
Possible alternatives are magnetic rails on the wall, which are also available in a variety of designs, or inserts for drawers with different capacities. This on the subject of blocks, ‘Block Basta’ so to speak.
I offer products from the following companies. BÖKER, DICK, FELIX, GLOBAL, KAI, VICTORINOX, WÜSTHOF DREIZACK.

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