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Product no.: 1420.325.02N
MPN: 1420,325,02
Manufacturer: Windmühlenmesser Herder
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 ROBERT HERDER WINDMILL KNIFE Model MINI YATAGAN Cherry wood Carbon steel Article No. 1420.325.02N

total length 16,50 cm
blade length 8,50 cm equals 3,25 inch
Blade material carbon steel, blue pierced, Solingen thin section, not stainless
handle length 8,00 cm
handle material cherry wood, triple riveted in aluminum
Manufacturer ROBERT HERDER WINDMÜHLENMESSER, Solingen, Germany

Yatagan, a town in Turkey. Was once taken by a Seljuk commander of that name.
Thanks but also, said the population and was allowed from Stund to call the homeland after the Lord Conqueror. 
The sword of the soldiers had the same name and the city became the center of its production.
In Napoleonic times, the scimitar was used as a bayonet attachment. Not at all nice who got to do with it.
In Germany it was later called "Solinger Türke" and the Americans loved it so much that it was christened "American" along with a sweet pastry.
The sweet cookie with a glaze was said to resemble in shape the Brodie helmet of the Marines in the First World War.
An elegant knife, with its finely polished handle it is wonderful for cutting in the hand, as well as on a board. Ideal for herbs you can roll with the slightly curved blade when working.

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