Messer für Angler

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PUMA model WAAGEMESSER fishing knife
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Victorinox Fischschere  rostfrei
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Messer für Angler

 Knife with a fixed blade or folding as a pocket knife for anglers and fishermen.
A filleting knife is usually used to remove the skin and bones from fish fillets.
Bones are usually removed with fish bone pliers or tweezers.
Lobsters and crustaceans are broken open with tongs.
The following variants are available: 
- Fishing knife with dead blow to quickly kill a fish 
- Fishing knife with hook remover for a fishing hook at the end of the fish scaler
- Fish scaler 
- Fishing knife with flexible blade in leather sheath 
- Fishing knife with rigid blade in leather sheath 
- Folding fishing knife
- Lobster tongs

Anglers and fishermen, buy fishing knives directly from me in my specialist store. 
I am the fourth generation to run the RÖDTER company. It has been on the market since 1909.
Sharp is beautiful.
Susann Frécôt

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