HUBERTUS Gardener's knife folding Hippe Pruning Knife Carbon steel

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Product no.: 77.206.HZ.11
Manufacturer: Hubertus
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HUBERTUS Gardener's knife folding Hippe Pruning Knife Carbon steel Article No. 77.206.HZ.11
total length 17,5 cm
blade length 7,5 cm
Blade material Carbon steel C45, blue pierced, non-stainless
Blade shape Hip, curved blade
Handle length 10.0 cm
Weight 71 gram
Handle material Bubinga wood, brass riveted
Opening aid nail hook
Manufacturer HUBERTUS, Solingen, Germany
Hand wash
1 x knife
Search words folding garden knife, Hippe, mushroom knife

A folding gardening knife by HUBERTUS from Solingen with a sharply ground blade in a curved shape that is easy to resharpen.  For all work in orchards and vineyards, often used by flora, florists and florists' assistants. To be opened by means of a nail hammer.
What is a "Hippe"?
A knife with a curved blade used in horticulture and viticulture.
But also the scythe as an attribute of death.
The sweetest of all hippen, however, is the Hohlhippe: a pastry made from a soft, spreadable mass of sugar, egg white, flour, milk or cream. After baking, the mass is formed into hollow sticks, which only solidify after cooling. Eat plenty of it and no one will ever say "dry hippe" to you. To the cup of ice cream, to look through, to bite into and be happy. Hipphipp Hurray!
© Erda Spitz von Findig

Susann Frécôt

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