VICTORINOX Pioneer X Alox Limited Edition 2021 Tiger Orange

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Product no.: 0.8231.L21
Manufacturer: Victorinox
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VICTORINOX Model PIONEER X ALOX Limited Edition 2021 TIGERORANGE Article No. 0.8231.L21

length open 93,0 mm 
height 14,9 mm
weight 94,5 gram
Handle material ALOX scales in color tiger orange
width 4,0 cm
Height 1,6 cm
Locking blade No
One-hand blade No
Manufacturer VICTORINOX, Switzerland
Delivery in anthracite colored packaging
Search words Limited Edition 2021, collectors knife, special model

9 functions
1. large blade
2. scissors
3. reamer
4. can opener
5. screwdriver 3 mm
6. bottle opener
7. screwdriver 7,5 mm
8. wire stripper
9. ring

The PIONEER X ALOX model of 2021 has a new function, namely scissors. And for them probably stands the X in the name, after all, a pair of scissors looks very similar to this letter. And the Swiss also promise a wild side. Whether that's the one with the embossed, stamped and anodized 2021 year or the side with the Swiss cross is something you'd best find out for yourself. Up to nine subspecies are distinguished from the big cat tiger, but three of them are already extinct. The remaining six subspecies are threatened by extinction and strongly endangered. The largest still existing tiger is the Siberian with in about 400 animals. Surprising are the hybridizations. Female tiger as mother, male lion as father results in a "liger". If however the father is tiger and the mother a lioness, then it results a "Tigon" or a "Töwe". Even such endangered animal species are still bred and processed on farms for Chinese medicine.
"The rest is silence" is written in Hamlet. Danton is appropriate: "We must shout! " Otherwise it will be too late. Not only for the tiger.
Susann Frécôt

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