Pliers with leather cover H.W. Böker

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Manufacturer: Hans Wilhelm Böker
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Pliers with leather cover ( for protection - leather cover )
Nail pliers Hans Wilhelm Böker - extra strong with an individual shape. It is especially made to cut other peoples nails. ( The straight shape is perfect to do so )
Mattfinished stainless steel. Stainless Steel Germany  .5  1 / 4  Zoll
Hans Wilhelm Böker  . Total length around 15  cm - handmade, stainless steel, brushed, mattfinished, extremely good flow , extremly  long sharp, cause only the best materials have been used for it.
Nail pliers Hans Wilhelm Böker Solingen . Luxury scissors Handmade in Germany

We a speciality shop for solinger products are always keen on finding the top products, the best quality. If you love to work with the best tools, the top quality products, then you will have to go for Hans Wilhelm Böker scissors and other products.
Brandname: BSO Me fecit Hans Wilh. Böker Solingen
The advantage of this scissors is the really easy flow - so you can work with a lot of comfort . You will enjoy these scissors for quite a while. (long life span)

Roedter Messer . Qualität aus Tradition . Ein Familienunternehmen gegründet 1909 . Fachgeschäft - Schleiferei - Versand weltweit
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