1 x SOUPLEX industrial blade razor blade stainless not teflonized

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Product no.: 1K1909
Manufacturer: MEDYNA
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1 x SOUPLEX industrial blade razor blade stainless Article No. 1K1909

dimensions 4,3 cm x 2,2 cm x 0,1 cm
Blade material stainless steel, not teflonized, not stamped, rust-free
blade type three hole blade double edged, also called GILLETTE blade
Manufacturer name MEDYNA, Solingen, Germany  

Three-hole blade, three-hole razor blade, also called GILLETTE blade.
This is a double edge razor blade, a so-called "Double Edge", short DE blade, suitable for razors from MERKUR, PARKER, FEATHER, PILS, MÜHLE, as well as other razor models suitable for the use of DE blades. This model, unlike the yellow-packed SOUPLEX variant, is not Teflonized and not stamped. In comparison, it is considered a little rougher. The 0.1-mm SOUPLEX razor blades are actually intended for an interchangeable blade system like the Shavette. For this, a Double Edge is broken in half, one half of which is inserted into the holder.
I have been very concerned about this razor blade directly from the manufacturer, because it is sold by many large, including Solingen companies, for many years under their own name with excellent success. And why? Because it guarantees a close yet gentle shave.
And it is popular in the industry, for example with manufacturers of contact lenses. When disposing of it, you can wrap the discarded blade in wax paper again to prevent injury. The environment thanks. In Mafia movies, it is used to cut garlic wafer-thin in the Hef'n, in construction, in jail, to be sunk into the Bolognese.
And if SOUPLEX also represents for you the beginning of a cooking passion, gladly, very gladly I sell also under inquiry beyond the 1 000 pieces. Also for pasta. Basta.
Susann Frécôt

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