Merkur 39C diagonal cut Razor Merkur Dovo Bracht Solingen

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Product no.: 39C
MPN: 39-C
Manufacturer: Merkur
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 MERKUR Model 39C BARBER POLE Razor Plane Torsion Plane Article No. 39C

Total length 10,2 cm
handle length 9,5 cm
handle thickness 1,2 cm
Material handle brass, razor head zinc die-cast, surfaces electroplated, bright chrome
head plate closed teeth, slanted cut, long screw connection
Weight 120 gram
1 x MERKUR SUPER razor blade
Manufacturer MERKUR, Solingen, Germany
Search words razor, wet razor, Merkur 39C bright chrome torsion razor dense beard growth

The "sledgehammer", as this torsion plane with model number 39C likes to be called, for hard and dense beards. Because they need a sledgehammer.
A torsion model means that the head is somewhat twisted in itself. As a result, the inserted razor blade also twists and is at a slight angle to the handle. This causes a pulling cut, which means a close shave for stronger to strong beard growth of solid hair. With high weight, the torsion head solves even difficult tasks. Its handle design is taken from that of a "Barber Pole", and the ribbed surface makes it non-slip even in soapy hands. You may start, the blade of the Erstrasur is included.
Susann Frécôt

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