Szabo Hairdresser incl. 20 razor blades

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 SZABO Hair Clipper and 20 x original blades Extra Hair Clipper Safety Hairdresser Item No. 20KLA143-01.

dimensions 5,6 cm x 6,8 cm
Blade material stainless steel, ground on both sides
Scope of delivery 1 x SZABO trimmer with 2 x built-in blades
                            20 x blades original gold colored with black writing
Search words hair trimmer, hair clipper, replacement blades, trimmer hair trimmer, interchangeable blade system, shaver, trimmer, razor
Depending on the setting you choose, the SZABO hair trimmer will cut, thin or shave your hair.
Million times for decades proven patent from Switzerland. Who invented it...
A classic since the 50s: especially popular with men in the shower as a quick shaver for short haircuts.
What does the word "Szabo" mean in translation? Tailor. Nomen est Omen.

This is how the SZABO is opened: With light pressure on the right in the direction of UP, the Szabo hair clipper can be opened to change blades. 

One side can shave out to 0. On the other side, the distance tooth blade is about 0.8 cm
After 5 complete haircuts blades should be turned over, after another 5 haircuts should be exchanged for new ones. The durability will be prolonged if you pull off the blades on the ball of your hand every now and then.
Guide the SZABO slightly angled in the direction of the hair stroke without any pressure.

This rule of thumb makes it easy for you: "long hair - long teeth" and "short hair - short teeth".

Each row of teeth is marked with rings. When cutting hair, always hold the Szabo so that the rings face the hair.

- means the smallest cutting depth. This is used to cut main and top hairs: long hairs are shortened evenly.

- is used for effilation (thinning). The reduced depth of cut makes overly dense hair thinner evenly.

- with it cut the transition: the clean lapel cut at the temples, the cut of the hairline at the neck. And with moistened hair, the knife cut.
- to shave out the neck and the hairline at the temples.

My offer is currently unique.
Susann Frécôt

Translated with (free version)

 Draw the Szabo at a slight angle through your hair without applying any pressure: if you have thick, long hair set at OOOO, otherwise adjust to OOO, OO or O.

This simple rule will make it easy for you:

"long hair - long teeth"

"short hair - short teeth"

Each row of teeth is distinguished by its rings.

When cutting your hair, the Szabo should always be held so that the rings face you hair.


- signifies the least cutting depth.


- is used for thinning. The lessened cutting depth thins hair which is too thick, evenly.


- is for cutting the transition: the clean fashion cut on the temples, the cut of the hair-line on your neck. And - if you have dampened your hair - the razor cut.


- is for tyding the nape of the neck and the hair-line on the temples.


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