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10 cm PALLARÈS tableknife Slim Table red INOX
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10 PALLARÈS knife  INOX Stainless Steel  mit Kappe
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12cm Carbonstahl Spitz zulaufendes Küchmesser Pallares
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1909 RÖDTER Roasting fork forged rosewood
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25.5 cm PALLARÈS Fleischmesser INOX Stainless Steel
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8 cm PALLARÈS Küchenmesser Olivenholz  Carbonstahl
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9cm kleines Pallares Kochmesser mit Holzgriff Carbonstahl
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Our craft, our passion

The production of knives has a long history in Solsona, the Spanish town of Solingen. More precisely, it can be traced back to the 16th century. In the 18th century, twenty-four knife manufacturers were still working here, and a hundred years later there were still eight of them.
Only the PALLARÈS brand remains as a witness to this history. Founded in 1917 by the brothers Lluís and Carles PALLARÈS Canal, it stands for quality, tradition and details. Over time, the products conquered the entire Spanish market. Meanwhile, the third generation is already running the company.
Cuchillería PALLARÈS vouches with its name and the experience of a dynasty of knifemakers for the best quality, a sharp blade and sharpening by hand. Despite all the difficulties and the changing times, PALLARÈS stands for original traditional knife craftsmanship from the town of Solsona, the bishopric in Catalonia.
Handles made of woods of olive, oak, rose, box, ebony, deer horn, ram's horn, buffalo horn and the like are used.
The inexpensive entry-level models are popular as working knives, like the Comun model.
Order and buy PALLARÈS knives from me. © Erda Spitz from Findig

Susann Frécôt. A life for sharpness.

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