Haarscheren aus Solingen

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ROEDTER 1909 Small beard scissors from Solingen
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SZABO model THE BIG HAIR CUTTER with 10 razor blades
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Szabo Razor Blades
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 13 cm WELTMEISTER ICE TEMPERED hair and beard trimming scissors
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Haarscheren aus Solingen

Beard brush, beard scissors, beard grooming set, trimmer and trimmer scissors, hair scissors, clip-on scissors, nose hair scissors, pocket comb, professional hair scissors.
Hair scissors - Ciseaux de coiffeur - Tijeras para peluqueros - Forbici per parrucchiere. 
I offer hair scissors in different price categories. Their quality ranges from domestic use to professional requirements, with micro-serrated and smooth-edged versions. Good hairdressing scissors, for example from DOVO in Solingen, can be disassembled and sharpened.
These also include thinning shears for thinning hair.
“For a louse, a beard is a forest.” And because beards require care, you will find beard scissors, beard brushes and beard sets in a case in this section.
“Without a moustache, a man is not properly dressed” said Salvador Dali. Beard scissors are used to perfect the shape of any type of beard. They are made of stainless steel and may have a finger hook for better hand guidance. To maintain a healthy hair structure, they are often manufactured with a smooth and a serrated blade, available in silver or black.
Clipettes and scissors for removing nose and ear hair, a folding men's comb in horn. A larger selection of nose hair clippers and clipettes, as well as men's cases can be found under “Wet shaving”, “The well-groomed man.”
1909 Rödter, H.W.BÖKER, DOVO Solingen, Halbach Solingen, world champion. Hair cutting scissors from Solingen. 

If you still cannot find what you are looking for, please contact me.
I am Susann Frécôt.
And because I have always been committed to sharpness, I sharpen everything that has become blunt. DOVO, Zwilling Henckels, BÖKER, Jaguar scissors, Tondeo scissors, Mizutani scissors, Matsuzaki scissors, KASHO scissors, Takei scissors, Hasami scissors, Leader scissors, Joewell scissors and more.
Shaving head sharpening : Send me your shaving heads and you will receive them back sharpened.


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