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MERCATOR model CAT K55K pocket knife all-metal  green
10-426 rg K OL
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MERCATOR pocket knife stainless blue
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OTTER Messer Ankermesser groß Grenadill
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OTTER Messer Kaiser Wilhelm Soldatenmesser
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Buy OTTER knives in a specialty store
The Otter company was founded around 1840 in a small cottage - a traditional water-powered grinding shop - at the Königsmühle in Solingen.
Its name comes from the fish otters that lived on the banks of streams and rivers in the Bergisches Land region at that time. These adorn the products as the logo of the company. The pocket knives and fixed blade knives are made in Solingen using traditional methods. Especially popular in the online store is the Mercator knife and the anchor knife. Even today, the pocket and fixed-blade knives are carefully handcrafted and sharpened. The range consists of knives for leisure, household, garden and hunting, among others. Mostly equipped with carbon blades, these have an excellent edge retention and testify to robust quality - Made in Solingen / Germany.

Order MERCATOR knives. 
The name of the original manufacturer was Kaufmann. Translated into Latin, the gentleman was called MERCATOR. Heinrich Kaufmann built from 1867 the Mercator knife as an all-rounder. 
C75 carbon steel, also known as DIN 1.248, is as easy as it is to work with, which makes it ideal for forging knife blades. Its carbon content is 0.7 - 0.8%.
Since 1995, the Otter knife factory has been producing MERCATOR models in over one hundred steps. Still handcrafted. In Solingen.

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