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DOVO straight razors and shaving products have a 2 Year limited warranty from the date of purchase (copy of sales receipt must be provided).  The warranty is limited to defective workmanship and/or materials and does not cover improper maintenance or abuse.  Steel as thin as a straight razor is fragile and should be treated accordingly.  Damage due to tapping, dropping, and/or rough handling of a DOVO straight razor voids the warranty.
IMPORTANT:  DOVO straight razors leave the factory shave ready.  DOVO’s 2 year warranty becomes null and void the moment they are professionally honed by someone other than our factory craftsmen prior to their sale to the consumer. 
To use the warranty the following criteria must be met:
• A dated sales receipt for the DOVO item.
• Straight razor has been properly maintained.
• Straight razor has not been abused.
Important Facts relating to Straight Razors
 • Carbon steel blades will darken with use.  They will rust when not dried thoroughly and/or kept in a humid (wet) environment.  When not in use for longer periods or in wet environments, it is recommended that the razor be coated with light oil.
 • Stainless steel means it will stain LESS than carbon steel blades.  If you try hard enough you can stain a stainless steel.
 • A straight razor blade is an extremely thin piece of steel.  A thin piece of steel is fragile and should be treated with care.
 • A straight razor must “rest” after use.  After the straight razor has been carefully rinsed and thoroughly dried, it should not be used again for at least 24 – 48 hours.  The “fin” on the cutting edge, as seen under a microscope, changes during shaving, but will returns to its original position when allowed to “rest”.


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