Merkur Razors

MERKUR safety razors consist of chrome-plated die-casted zinc or brass parts. The constant contact with water and soap leads to the deterioration of the materials. The use of the razor over a long period of time is only passible with regular maintenance.
The following, easy steps will maintain the function of your razor: 
With each blade exchange the razor parts should be cleaned with a soft brush (such as a nail brush) and warm water. If the razor is not used daily, please follow these recommendations at least once a week, or before you store the razor away.
Threads and adjustment mechanisms should be moved regularly, so they will remain movable. Movable parts can be oiled occasionally.  For this, please use small amounts of paraffin oil, weapons oil or other machine oil that is acidfree and nonresinous (DO NOT use edible oil!). During the handling please take care not to over tighten the screws.
Shaving soaps have a large fat content. For cleaning away scaling, the disassembled razor should be placed in a solution (1:1) of water and a fat solvent such as dish detergent or hair shampoo. It is possible that the razor needs to soak in this solution for several days and has to be moved around in it occasionally. When even several of such applications do not lead to success, the razor unfortunately is irreparable. 
Stains on the surfaces of the razor can also be removed with the above mentioned fat solvents.
In contact with hard, limy water, all razor parts need to be decalcified regularly, either with a customary decalcifying agent (such as one for coffee machines, etc.) according to their instructions for use, or with a diluted lukewarm vinegar solution (max. 30°C/86F), into which the parts should be placed no longer than 30 minutes, and occasionally moved around in the solution. Longer exposure to the vinegar/decalcifying agent will corrode the surface chrome and the metal underneath.
Another tip:
For the maintenance of badger hair shaving brushes a degreasing cleaning with hair shampoo is also recommended. The alkaline components and the fat of the shaving soaps cause the shedding of the brush

Reiserasierer: 933, 45  Grifflänge kurz, Griffdicke dünn, Kante glatt
                        985                         kurz                   dünn             gezahnt                          
Einstellbar:      500                         kurz                   dick              glatt
                        510,700                  lang                   dick              glatt
Torsionsmodelle: 37                      kurz,                  dick              glatt
                            39                      lang,                  dick              glatt
Normale Modelle: 33, 30, 45         kurz                   dünn            glatt
                              15                    kurz                   dünn            gezahnt
                              34, 42              kurz                   dick              glatt
                              41                    kurz                   dick              gezahnt
                              23, 20              lang                   dünn             glatt
                              25                    lang                   dünn             gezahnt
                              38, 43              lang                   dick              glatt
                              12                    lang                   dick              gezahnt
Torsionsmodell bedeutet: Der Kopf ist in sich etwas verdreht. Dadurch steht die eingelegte Klinge ein wenig schräg zum Griff. Bei starkem Bartwuchs ergibt sich daraus eine gründlichere, wenn auch weniger sanfte Rasur.
Einstellbar bedeutet: Durch Drehen der Schraube am Griffende lässt sich der Abstand der eingespannten  Klinge zur Schaumkante variieren. Das Rasurverhalten in Abhängigkeit vom Klingenspalt ist ein Kompromiss: je kleiner der Spalt, desto schonender -- je größer, desto gründlicher die Rasur. So kann je nach Hauttyp und Bartstärke, aber auch nach aktuellem Hautzustand eine entsprechende Einstellung gewählt werden. Eine Numerierung ermöglicht ein zielgenaues Justieren.
Reiserasierer:  Er besteht aus dem zweiteiligen Kopf und einem in zwei Teile zerlegbaren Griff. Das Griffendstück ist hohl, sodass man das dünnere vordere Griffstück beim Transport hineinschieben kann

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1904 Merkur Classic Razor 41  Dovo Solingen mit shaving soap Proraso
Products Model: 41
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20 C Merkur Razor -20 C Merkur Rasierhobel Rasierer   Nassrasierer 20C Dovo Solingen
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23 C Merkur Razor comes with a leather case 23 C  Dovo Solingen 23C
Products Model: 23C-ET
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23 C Merkur Razor with Merkur Razor Blade 23 C Merkur Rasierer mit Merkur Rasierklinge  23C Dovo Solingen
Products Model: 23C
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23-C in schwarz MERKUR Rasierer Griff extra lang
Products Model: 9023011
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23C Merkur mit Reissverschluss Lederetui 23 C Dovo Solingen mit Etui
Products Model: 23C-LUET
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25 C Merkur Razor  Solingen with leather case dovo 25C
Products Model: 90250001-ET
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25 C Merkur Razor with open cogging and long grip
Products Model: 25C
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30 C Merkur razor pouch short
Products Model: 902030011
previous price 37,50 EUR Now only 31,88 EUR

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30 C Merkur Razor with leather case 30 C Merkur Rasierer mit Lederetui Rasierhobel Dovo Solingen 30C
Products Model: ET902030011
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33-C Merkur razor with leathercase
Products Model: P-33-C
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34 C  Merkur  Razor Fad Razor Plane 34 C Nassrasierer Solingen Dovo Solingen 34C
Products Model: 34 C
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34 C  Merkur Dovo Rasierer aus Solingen mit Lederetui Dovo Rasierhobel 34C
Products Model: 34C_ET
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34C 34-C dovo Merkur Solingen mit 100 astra Rasierklingen
Products Model: 100AS34-c
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37 C Merkur with leather case and Razor Blade diagonal cut 37 C Merkur Solingen Top Offer
Products Model: 37C-ET
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38 C  Razor polished extra heavy for your safety Dovo 38C
Products Model: A38C
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38 C Merkur Razor Black38 C Merkur Rasierer schwarz Rasierhobel Dovo 38C Solingen
Products Model: 9038011
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38 C Merkur Razor Dovo Solingen  for more safety with leather case 38C
Products Model: UEB38001-ET
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