Luxury scissors and pincers from Solingen Scissors Shop Solingen

Knife Rödter specialty store for scissors from Solingen since 1909. Buy directly in the store or order online in the scissors store.  
I can offer you scissors made of stainless steel, which even allergy sufferers may use without complaint, but also scissors made of carbon steel, so not stainless.
Scissors forged for life, which you can still bequeath: resilient, smooth-running, ground to the highest sharpness and re-sharpenable, dismountable.
With me you get scissors for demanding private users, as well as for professional continuous use in industry and trade.

Top scissors from Hans Wilhelm BÖKER, DICK, DOVO Solingen, Dreiturm, FELCO, FINNY, FISKARS, Halbach, Klaas, LÖWE, MUNDIAL, VICTORINOX, WASA, ZWILLING HENCKELS.
Are you looking for something specific, would you like a consultation or do you need a special price for professional purposes?

I am Susann Frécôt, I am your contact person in the sharp store.
Owner of and Messer Rödter in Hof since 1909. Own workshop, own grinding shop, and worldwide shipping.

Are you looking for scissors? SCISSORS STORE SOLINGEN. 
All-purpose scissors, work scissors, baby scissors, beard scissors, professional scissors, flower scissors, ladies' tailor scissors, ladies' fabric scissors, wick scissors, corner nippers, effiliation scissors, egg scissors, one-handed scissors, ring scissors, deburring scissors, first aid scissors, thread scissors, fish scissors, pile shears, hairdressing scissors, all-steel scissors stainless, Garden shears, Poultry shears, Rubber scissors, Hair scissors, Hair scissors for dog cat human, Hardanger scissors, Household scissors, Cuticle scissors, Cuticle nippers, All-steel scissors, Industrial scissors, Cable scissors, Ceramic scissors, Candle shears, Kevlar scissors, Children's scissors, Head scissors, Kitchen shears, Leather scissors curved, Leather scissors straight, Light scissors, Light cleaning scissors, Left hand scissors, Luxury scissors, Manicure scissors, Manicure cases, Manufacturist scissors, Nail file, Nail clipper, Nail nippers, Nail scissors, Sewing scissors, Nose-ear hair clipper Klipette, Nose scissors, Upper leather scissors, Paper scissors, Tweezers, Upholstery scissors, Upholstery scissors, rescue scissors, saddler's scissors, scissors for cutting scissors, jewelry scissors, tailor's scissors, school scissors, safety scissors, silhouette scissors, sports scissors, quilting scissors, embroidery scissors, fabric scissors, pocket scissors, carpet scissors, textile scissors, universal scissors, weaver's scissors, pinking shears, cigar shears, cutting scissors, tweezer scissors 

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