Nail clippers Solingen Made in Germany

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2 luxury nail scissors Solingen incl. leather case
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DREITURM nail clipper 6 cm
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DREITURM nail clippers 8 cm
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ZWILLING Multi-Tool  Nailclipper red
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Nail clippers Solingen Made in Germany

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On the road and at home. Depending on your preference, we take pictures.
In Bavaria and Austria with the Klipserl or the Zwicker, mind you the Nagelzwicker and not a Pince-Nez, which you pinch or clamp on your nose as a reading aid. A nail clipper, also called a nail clip by your friends - like Huber Sepp or Maier Zenzi - is a space-saving, reliable aid if you break or tear a nail on the way. Some people also prefer the Klipserl to nail scissors at home because, unlike the latter, it leaves no or hardly any tears in the nail plate. Or simply because they have a little trouble with scissors.
The pressure exerted by the parallel blades on the part of the nail to be cut is evenly distributed by the wedge cutting action and is therefore symmetrical when cutting.
This is different with nail scissors. These are guided the wrong way round when cutting with the dominant hand, which is why left-handed scissors have a different design to right-handed scissors.
When cutting with nail clippers, no micro-fine injuries occur, so the nail is not susceptible to mycosis, i.e. fungi.
It is said that a certain Chapel Carter - possibly during the manicure “If you have time and are alone, clean your nails” - came up with this tool in 1896.
A clipper is usually pincer-shaped and has two concave-ground blades at the tip. One of the two pliers arms can be rotated through 360 degrees. Before use, this is brought into the position in which the best leverage is achieved. For the rest position, the flexible pliers arm is turned back again.
And what is important now? Only buy and use clippers that are really sharp and made of high-quality material. This is the only way to ensure problem-free use. If necessary, you should finish them with a file.
Now, unclipped. Lights out.
Susann Frécôt


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