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Buy sharp good knives made in Solingen Germany? MESSER RÖDTER | Specialty store, workshop, knife store, shipping worldwide

MESSER RÖDTER | Specialty store, workshop, sharpening store, knife store, shipping worldwide

I am a knife and scissors specialist with passion. 
My name is Susann Frécôt.
And I am the owner of Messer Rödter Hof, founded in 1909.
I run a specialty store for high quality and exclusive knives, chef's knives,
Forge de Laguiole pocket knives, Dovo scissors, Merkur razors, straight razors,
as well as for a comprehensive assortment of shaving supplies.
I sharpen and sharpen good knives, razors and scissors 
From my online store I ship my offered items worldwide.
Quality, design, edge retention, durability and a good price for authentic products are in line with my values.
I buy and sell old collections of oak leaf cutlery, valuable pocket knives, hunting knives etc.
Take a look around, what you don't find with me, may not be available for sale yet.
Or ask me personally.
Sharp is beautiful.

Looking for sharp good knife deals? Sharp for cooking knives? kontakt@scharferladen.de
Knife Shop?  Scissors Shop?  Chef's Knife Shop? Sharpening Service? Workshop? Store? 

Company Messer Rödter
Marienstraße 11
D - 95028 Hof
Tel: +49 (0) 9281.8 45 26 Fax: +49 (0) 9281.8 77 62

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