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Eichenlaub Solingen Messer Gabel Besteck
 At the end of the 19th century, the first Vesper cutlery was developed in Solingen with handles set in steel, the so-called "Backenbesteck". For a long time, this was only available in the form of a knife and fork.
In 1910, the August Merten company expanded the range to its current variety with dessert, fish, fruit and serving pieces.
In 1928, the "EICHENLAUB" brand was officially registered. To this day, it is a symbol of first-class forged cutlery.
Since April 1998, the "EICHENLAUB" production and the trademark have belonged to Windmühlenmesser Manufactur Robert Herder GmbH & Co KG, where the forged cutlery is continued and further developed in traditional manufactory quality.
The cutlery is forged in one piece from stainless chrome vanadium steel. All knife blades have a matt blue polished finish. You can recognize this by the fact that they shine brightly and a faint blue shimmer appears in the grooves when exposed to a certain amount of light.
The handle scales are inseparably connected to the cutlery parts by polished brass or aluminum rivets. Over 120 steps by hand are necessary before the cutlery finds its place on your table. The cutlery is not suitable for cleaning in the dishwasher.
EICHENLAUB cutlery is available with the following handle scales

Polished white or black acrylic, alternatively satin with aluminum rivets
Ebony black polished with brass rivets  
Dark oak or light oak matt finish with brass rivets
Polished staghorn with brass rivets
Houndwood polished with brass rivets
Olive wood matted with brass rivets
Walnut matted with brass rivets
POM polished with brass rivets, polyoxymethylene in black. Dishwasher safe

Want other variants and set prices? Everything is available to order.

PaperStone polished with brass rivets, the alliance of paper and phenolic resin
Light shade polished with aluminum rivets, the handle scales combined in black and white
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