GATCO Model TRI-SEPS Knife Sharpener Ceramic

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 GATCO Model TRI-SEPS Knife Sharpener Ceramic Item No. 50733

length 4,5 inch equals 11,5 cm
Sharpener alumina ceramic coated in triangular shape
Feature chain
Manufacturer GATCO Sharpeners, USA
Search words knife sharpener ceramic, knife sharpener for camping, backpacker, military
Originally this knife sharpener was made for the US military. Striking is its triangle shape, provided with a small chain to hang it where. Smooth blades are sharpened as usual on the broadside. Sawtooth grind is drawn along the corresponding long sides, one fine and one coarse. Fishhooks are sharpened in the grooves. Suitable for serrated edge, straight edge, arrows, ice picks, fish hooks.
Susann Frécôt

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