19 cm DOVO long eye scissors nickel-plated

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Product no.: 25750
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Manufacturer: DOVO
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19 cm DOVO long eye scissors nickel-plated 7 inch Article No. 25750

total length 19,0 cm equals 7 inch
Material carbon steel nickel plated, not stainless, polished
Shape pointed / tapered in an arc
Special feature adjustable, grindable, set screw flat
Manufacturer DOVO, Solingen, Germany
1 x scissors included in delivery
Search words household scissors, ladies tailor scissors, industrial scissors, tailor scissors, scissors

A LANGAUGENSCHERE from DOVO in nickel-plated all-metal. This gives the CARBON STEEL a protective coating, but due to its low chrome content it does not remain rustproof. But harder and thinner grindable. After use, the cutting edges should be kept clean and dry. A long eye allows the use of several fingers during the cutting process, which distributes the force better. The basic rule for scissors is: Decide in advance what it will be used for. If you want to cut paper and cardboard, then limit yourself to this area of application. If you want to cut fabric, stick to fabric. Cutting durability will be preserved with this approach.
Scissors of this quality can be resharpened and adjusted.
If you wish, I can sharpen your fabric scissors and readjust them to the best possible condition.
The sharp store has its own grinding store.
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