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Product no.: 2000002
Manufacturer: Merkur
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MERKUR model VISION razor plane in metal box plus 10 x razor blade article no. 2000002

Set consists of
1 x razor plane 
length 12,0 cm
Material handle, bayonet, cap aluminum matt chrome plated
Push rod, springs, rosette stainless steel, stainless steel
Neck, comb, caps die-cast satin chrome plated
Connector brass
Construction Butterfly
Weight 118 gram
10 x razor blades
1 x metal box
Manufacturer DOVO MERKUR, Solingen, Germany
Search words razor, razor, wet razor, plane, razor plane, Dovo, collector's item, shaving device razor vision satin finish

sharp store offers a collector's item, which is object of desire in many places. This comes from a specialty store where it rested new and unused for many years.
Please keep in mind when purchasing, this all metal plane with BUTTERFLY principle has not been built for many years and so there are no spare parts available. 
The two-piece top opens in this design to insert standard blades. The blade gap can be adjusted continuously. But how do you remember the preferred position? The VISION scale on the side helps.
The MERKUR VISION is heavy duty in the truest sense of the word.
Cleaning: Always rinse all shavers after each shave and thoroughly remove soap residue and hair immediately.  The function of the moving parts is maintained and the mechanism becomes smooth. 
In the case of heavy limescale contamination and deposits, regular soaking in a limescale remover, diluted vinegar, diluted lemon juice or a denture cleaner is also recommended. 
Tolerances in the VISION MERKUR model are normal. This is because no mechanism works without them. If the gaps are too small, the adjustment will jam or it will quickly become clogged with soap residue.
For these reasons, the blade gap is never 100% parallel to the soap edge.
The inaccuracies have no influence on the shaving result.

Susann Frécôt

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