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Hartkopf Friedrich

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Pocket knife and stiletto factory

The pocket knife factory was founded in 1890 by Friedrich Wilhelm Hartkopf, a penknife reider by trade.
But what is a "reider"?
Well, knives with sheaths - unlike knives with handles - did not have to be cut into, because the sheaths were placed on both sides and then nailed together. This process is called "reiden", which is where the job title of "reider" comes from.
HARTKOPF specializes in the production of high-quality pocket knives and stilettos by hand. All models have blades forged by hand. The bolsters are made of solid nickel silver; as a result, these pocket knives are not necessarily among the lightest. However, HARTKOPF's objective is not to produce the lightest pocket knives, but the most durable ones.
Mass production is not the credo, but pocket knives for individualists.
As a traditional manufacturer, the brand assumes responsibility even after the statutory warranty period This is their idea of quality. And since quality should only be bought in conjunction with good advice, HARTKOPF pocket knives are sold through specialized dealers. HARTKOPF does not hold "factory sales" and thus supports the specialized trade.

More about the history of the company?

In 1921 the founder of the company and brand died.
In 1931, the brand almost went bankrupt in the world economic crisis.
And because dead men live longer, fourth-generation descendant Holger Hartkopf proves that nouns can also be omens: With a hard head, HARTKOPF today manufactures pocket knives and stilettos.
Each blade is forged by hand. The nibs are traditionally not made of stainless carbon steel, but thus blessed with longer life and should therefore be maintained from time to time with an oil, for example, from BALLISTOL. Precious undyed natural woods are used for handle scales, as are genuine stag horn, buffalo horn and mother-of-pearl.
Classic models with corkscrews and cap lifters are as much part of the program as exclusive lockable knives.
HARTKOPF pocket knife finishes: snakewood, ebony, rosewood, coconut, olive wood, thuja, redwood, horn, mother-of-pearl, bog oak.


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