GOLDDACHS Natural Shaving Soap CLASSIC shaving soap 2 x pieces vegan refill

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Product no.: 7300001315
Manufacturer: Golddachs
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 GOLDDACHS Natural Shaving Soap CLASSIC shaving soap 2 x pieces vegan refill Article No. 7300001315

Content Natural Shaving Soap 2 x à 60 gram, Ø 7 cm
Vegan product
Manufacturer GOLDDACHS, Germany
Delivery in a cardboard box

The scharfeLaden bestseller, for years and years and years. The double refill pack.
With subtle clean scent, shaving soap that lasts for a long time is suitable even for creatures with sensitive skin.  GOLDDACHS has also proven itself on women's skin. Now, what is the difference with a soap used for face cleansing?
The shaving soap gives a more stable foam, which does not immediately melt. Its cleansing effect is negligible, the size of the foam bubbles is comparatively smaller, but its gliding effect is important for the purpose of successful shaving. In this composition, it allows the desired swelling processes on the skin and beard hair. Unlike other shaving soaps, there is no need for prior soaking, which saves time. Scraped the skin with a good sharp blade, its smoothness should last a good eight hours.

 To match the vegan soaps, I also carry vegan brushes made of fiber or horsehair. What is good for the fiddle bow, whose stringing is made of horsehair, is also outstanding for the prophet's beard. Gentlemen and ladies, look around you.Thus the badger preserves life and fur dress, borrowing the name us does not worry him.Good shape with good shave.
Susann Frécôt

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