PALLARÈS Tomato knife, steak knife, serrated knife boxwood carbon steel 15 cm

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Product no.: W222115
Manufacturer: Pallares
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PALLARÈS Chef's knife serrated edge boxwood carbon steel 15 cm Article No. W222115

total length 26,5 cm
blade length 15,0 cm
Blade material carbon steel, serrated edge, non-stainless
Blade shape back pointed
handle material boxwood in round shape
Manufacturer PALLARÈS, Spain
hand wash is mandatory
1 x knife is delivered at the indicated price
Search words saw tooth grind, saw grind, chef's knife with saw, kitchen knife, wooden handle cuts everything with skin and crust 

Founded in Catalonia in 1917, PALLARÈS offers here a chef's knife with a serrated edge. The blade is spine pointed, typically sliced and with a short blade fixed to the round boxwood handle with a steel ferrule. Such a saw grind is slightly coarser than a micro serration, but finer than a serrated grind. At fifteen inches, a short, simple chef's knife is at hand that will cut anything with a skin or peel to cut through. Lemons, oranges, grapefruits, tomatoes, mango, buns.... Because carbon steel, that is 98 - 99% iron and 1% carbon making the hardness, the steel patinates as soon as it comes in contact with acid. That is, it tarnishes bluish, but this is not unhealthy. In fact, a carbon steel knife can be ground thinner and sharper because it is harder than stainless steel. Do not take offense at the thin dark oxide layer, it is a protection, also against rust and it is always unique.  Knives that you like to touch with their round handle, that are a nice addition at the table and whose woods some color with Tabasco and the like. Imagination knows no bounds.
Susann Frécôt

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