WÜSTHOF DREIZACK CLASSIC IKON sharpening steel cream

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Product no.: 4468-0 / 26 cm
Manufacturer: WÜSTHOF
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WÜSTHOF DREIZACK CLASSIC IKON sharpening steel cream without packaging article no. 4468-0 / 26

total length 38,0 cm
Rod length 26.0 cm
handle length 13.0 cm plus parry bar
Hardness grade 65 Rockwell
rod shape round, tapered in front
Handle material POM plastic in color cream, triple riveted, ergonomic shape
Grain size fine draft
Manufacturer WÜSTHOF DREIZACK, Solingen, Germany
Search Words Wetzstahl, Wetzstab, Kochwetzstab
Packing unpacked 

This sharpening steel is delivered without packaging.
Naked so to speak? Because he is so pretty?
Of course a protective packaging is provided for transport. Only the original box around it is not delivered. The product is new.
So you pay a lot less for an old box that you do not have to dispose of.
Use a sharpening steel if your knives are subject to constant wear and tear. In this way, quality blades can be resharpened as easily and effectively at any time. Get used to this handle as a matter of routine and your joy of cutting in the kitchen will be lasting.
So pretty and then there is the price. There is no longer any excuse for lack of sharpness in your existence.
When purchasing grinding sticks and stones, please note that there are various grit sizes available. In case of doubt ask for more information or...
scharferLaden.de has its own grinding shop for all types of knives, scissors and regrindable tools.
Sharpener on duty
Susann Frécôt

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