MERKUR Model 37C Razor Plane Torsion Plane

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Product no.: 37C
GTIN/EAN: 4045284011157
MPN: 90 37 001
Manufacturer: Merkur
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MERKUR Model 37C Razor Plane Torsion Plane Article No. 37C

length 8,0 cm
handle length 7,5 cm 
handle thickness 1,2 cm
Material die-cast bright chrome plated, long screw connection
Model bevel cut
Weight 77 gram
Manufacturer DOVO MERKUR, Solingen, Germany
Delivery includes 1 x razor blade MERKUR SUPER
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The 37 C is a plane for men with strong facial hair who do not have sensitive skin. Its handle and head plate are connected to each other. A screw mechanism at the end of the handle releases the head plate when needed.
A torsion model means that the head is somewhat twisted in itself. As a result, the inserted razor blade also twists and is at a slight angle to the handle. This causes a pulling cut, which means a close shave for stronger to strong beard growth of solid hair. 
When inserting the blade please hold it by the short sides to center it when twisting. In the DOVO catalog the model is listed under article no. 90 37 001.
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