PALLARÈS chef's knife boxwood carbon steel 12 cm

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Product no.: 10152
Manufacturer: Pallares
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 PALLARÈS chef's knife boxwood carbon steel 12 cm Article No. 10152

total length 22,5 cm
blade length 12,0 cm
Blade material XC 65 carbon steel, non-stainless
Blade shape back pointed
handle material boxwood in round shape
Manufacturer PALLARÈS, Spain
Search words chef's knife, kitchen knife, paring knife, lard knife

A rustic kitchen knife from the Catalan knifemaker PALLARÈS, excellent for rural kitchens and homes.
Very sharp and because made of carbon steel also not stainless. But exactly therefore easy to resharpen. 
Please rinse by hand and always nourish with a little maintenance oil. Handle and blade like that. Reach for a sharpening steel before or after each use of the kitchen knife, then you extend the edge durability of the cut blade.
Clean the carbon steel immediately after working with it and dry the handle and blade steel. Possible patina is not harmful, not even for your health. But it is a protection against rust. Boxwood is often used as a hilt material in Europe, after all, it is very dense and very hard. 
Popular as a chef's knife, kitchen knife, table knife, steak knife, bacon knife, letter and package opener. 
Susann Frécôt

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